PT80 Complete Kit

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PT80 Complete Kit

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This is the best DIY digital delay stompbox kit on the internet.  Warm, quiet, beautiful echo, patterned after the Ibanez AD80 analog delay unit. 

This project  emulates the old-time analog delay unit, in this case the Ibanez AD-80 vintage stompbox, with a modern digital delay IC. The results are excellent and you won't know it's not 100% analog. The general design of this circuit is almost the same as the AD-80 except the bucket brigade ICs are replaced with a Princeton Technologies PT2399 delay/echo IC and the electronic switching is replaced by a 3PDT stomp switch. The compander IC gives it excellent noise specs and also contributes to the great analog-like sound of it. A charge pump is on board so that it has plenty of headroom from a single nine volt battery. The charge pump was not part of the original AD-80, but is a modern bonus in this project to save on batteries and be able to use a typical stompbox wallwart power. Click here for more general information about the kits.

See a YouTube Video Demo

Click here for complete instructions for this kit.

 Hear the Sound Files  (Sound Samples From Scott Swartz)

Sound File 1 - The Rockabilly Slapback

This is a short passage that starts with a few notes without the delay. I switch it in the delay, and play another single note passage, then conclude with a little Travis picking riff.

Control Settings are: Delay Time = 30%, Repeats = 25%, Delay Level = 50%.

Sound File 2 - The 175 Millisecond Atmospheric Delay

This is a sample of how I typically use delay, set for about 175 ms, 3-4 repeats, and the delay level set to give some atmosphere behind the notes. I play a thirds and sixths riff all the way though, then kick in the delay and play the passage again.

Control Settings are: Delay Time = 40%, Repeats = 30%, Delay Level = 40%.

Sound File 3 - The Maximum Delay Playing Notes For You Sound

This is a passage to demonstrate the sound quality of the repeats when set to max delay (using a 50K pot). The delay level is turned up to match the volume of the dry signal, and then I play a few descending sixths in time with the repeats to create a big wash of sound. At the end, I play a couple of single notes to isolate the repeats sound. The higher note does have some distortion, this isn't present at shorter delay settings.

Control Settings are: Delay Time = 100%, Repeats = 30%, Delay Level = 60%.

Here are the specification data sheets for the enclosure options for this kit.

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