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This is the Dual Loop Switch Box Complete Kit. The Kit includes all the parts to build a simple, passive Dual Effects Loop Switch Box.Click here for more general information about the kits.. There are two configurations you can choose.  

  1. A/B Loop Switches - this is the most common configuration. Each foot switch brings in/out an effects loop in your signal chain.  You can choose either loop or both in series or neither.  (has two LED indicators).  Note that it is true-bypass for each loop.
  2. Toggle Loops / Bypass Switch - this option has one switch that will toggle between the two loops and the other switch true-bypasses the loops. (3 LED indicators)
  3. Toggle Loops/No Bypass - this option has only one switch that will toggle between the two loops.  This might be useful for a simple setup when minimal switching is desired.

Click here for complete instructions for the Dual Effects Loop Switch Box kit.

Here are the specification data sheets for the enclosure options for this kit. Same enclosure for either option except, A/B loops has 2 LED holes, Toggle version has 3 LED holes