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Includes all the parts and materials you need to build one, including the PCB. This is a General Guitar Gadgets exclusive. Very good "Cranked Marshall Amp" sounding distortion.Click here for more general information about the kits.

This is an excerpt from Tone Report about the BSIAB2 Kit. - It is superb for summoning that vintage-Super-Lead-on-11 sound that defined early Van Halen record, but at a volume level that will not summon the cops to your door. It can do lighter smoothly overdriven sounds just as easliy as it can do tight, hot-rodded saturation, and with the optional Contour control, the tone sculptin options are many and varied.

See a YouTube Video Demo from Paul Crook!(It is the third Demo on the video. First played dry and then with the BSIAB2)

BSIAB2 Youtube Sample 1

BSIAB2 Youtube Sample 2

Here's a demo comparison of the 3 knob version with the 4 knob version

BSIAB2 Youtube 3 and 4 knob

Click here for complete instructions for this kit.

Here are the specification data sheets for the enclosure options for this kit.