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This is a 120 AC input/ 9v DC output, 250mA transformer. It includes a rectifier and 1000uF power filtering cap.  The transformer is hefty and has enough power for several stompboxes.  This is ideal to run into our regulated Power PCB to get some very nice regulated power for your stompboxes or can be used with the 9v output as-is for a very nice inexpensive power supply.

Salvaged from wall warts, the wires are short but can be extended easily. One of the photos shows the exact specifications of the transformer. One of the nice things about this transformer is that, with some foam tape on the bottom, it fits perfectly in a 125B enclosure and the bottom plate holds it securely in place.

Good  pedal board power supplies are very expensive these days.   This is an inexpensive transformer solution that could be used for many DIY stompbox power needs.  If you need isolated transformers you could buy two or more of these and have isolated power for some of your more persnickety power needs. JD's DIY pedalboard uses 3 or 4 of these as built into the 125B enclosure, each one powering 8 or 9 pedals and one, alone, for isolated powering the PT80 delay.  They are tucked away under the board for space efficiency.