PCB Standoffs (2)

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PCB Standoffs (2)


A set of 2 Plastic self-adhesive, snap-lock PCB standoffs.  These standoffs will hold for years under adverse conditions as long as they are stuck to a clean surface.  We have stomboxes that have had  these standoffs in place for over 10 years old and still holding strong.

Comes in 4 different sizes.

  • 3/16 inch - is good for most uses if nothing needs to be underneath the PCB. Most of our kits have this size standoffs.
  • 1/2 Inch - A 16mm potentiometer or most LEDs will fit underneath the PCB
  • 3/4 inch - A pot, LED or most small toggle switches will fit underneath the PCB
  • 1 inch - is too high for 125B, 1590BB or 1590B enclosures, but may be useful for other uses.

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