Information about our kits:

  • All kits that have a bypass switching are designed with true bypass. Even vintage stompboxes that weren't originally true bypass have been designed with true bypass in our replica kits.
  • All kits contain only ROHS parts, including ROHS Lead-free solder.
  • All kits with Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), have a high quality double-sided PCB with plate-through holes on all soldering pads. With care, these PCBs can withstand multiple reworks (solder and unsoldering) without losing the pads or harming the PCB.
  • All kits contain high quality capacitors, mostly Panasonic when available.
  • All kits contain metal film 1% tolerance resistors (except where the resistance value is not available such as very high value resistors). All kits feature high quality Switchcraft jacks. All kits include a battery snap with a solid plastic snap, not a cheap vinyl snap.
  • Kits that have IC circuits include high quality Mill-Max IC sockets, not unreliable leaf sockets.
  • Kits that specify specialty transistors include high quality Mill-Max transistor sockets.
  • Kits can be returned for your money back as long as the kit is complete and unsoldered.
  • We offer email support for any of your questions or concerns about the kits.