Micro-E (Musitronics Micro V Replica) Stompbox

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Micro-E (Musitronics Micro V Replica) Stompbox


Sold Out! - contact us if you want one built

This is not a kit, it is a ready-to-rock Musitronics Micro V Replica Stompbox (to buy a kit click here). The pedal is Hand Built by JD Sleep of General Guitar Gadgets. This is functionally the same circuit of the original Musitronics Micro V. The only change is the OTA-IC used is a newer model and doubled to improve on the filter sound. In our opinion (at General Guitar Gadgets) this is the best of the best simple Envelope Filters ever made. If you are a tweaker, then you would probably be looking for a Mu-tron III™, but the simple operation of the Micro V and the range of sounds offers a lot of bang for the buck and takes less space on your pedal board. This unit has a more vocal sound that some of the other filters that sound more like auto wah. Very easy to tune in some great sounds. It works will with Guitar or Bass (trademarks mentioned here belong to their owners and not General Guitar Gadgets).

The stompbox has the same foot-print size as a typical Boss pedal and it is oriented with "front-loading" jacks to be pedal-board-friendly. The pedal is new and it is rock solid. Hand-wired enclosure-mounted Switchcraft jacks insure that you will have no problems with the jacks during your lifetime, no matter how many times you plug/unplug cables into it. Some units may have very minor cosmetic blemishes, which is part of the reason it is inexpensive. This pedal includes a Two-Year original-owner unconditional guaranty (owner pays shipping costs).

If you have any questions, let us know.

See a Youtube Video Demo