Klondike (Centaur Replica Stompbox

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Klondike (Centaur Replica Stompbox


Sold Out! - contact us if you want one built

This is not a kit, it is a ready-to-rock Octave Replica Stompbox (to buy a kit click here). The pedal is Hand Built by JD Sleep of General Guitar Gadgets. This is functionally the exact circuit of the original Klon Centaur Stompbox Note: Trademarks belong to their rightful owners and not to General Guitar Gadgets. The pedal runs on a 9v battery and has a DC jack that is wired to work with a typical Boss/Ibanez power supply (negative tip).

This unit compares favorably with similar stompboxes costing hundreds of dollars more. The stompbox has the same foot-print size as a typical Boss pedal but it is oriented with "front-loading" jacks to be pedal-board-friendly. The pedal is new and it is rock solid. Hand-wired enclosure-mounted Switchcraft jacks insure that you will have no problems with the jacks during your lifetime, no matter how many times you plug/unplug cables into it. Units will vary slightly in looks as they are hand painted. This pedal includes a Two-Year original-owner unconditional guaranty (owner pays shipping costs).

See a Youtube Video Demo