Dual Boost RTS PCB

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Dual Boost RTS PCB


Dual Booster Ready-To-Solder Printed Circuit Board. This PCB can be used in a variety of applications. Anywhere where you need a Boost stage or two, this small PCB will be of service. The circuit board holds two complete and separate booster circuits with options for various booster configurations. Some examples are:

  • Clean Booster Stompbox
  • Non-Inverting or Inverting Stages
  • Gain Stages in a Looper Switch Box
  • Building a Blender Switch Box
  • Reverb Tank Driver and Recovery
  • Active Direct box
  • Polarity Switcher - Inverting/Non-Inverting switching with an On/On Toggle Swtich
  • Many More Uses!
The PCB dimensions are 4.5cm by 3.2cm. PCB has solder mask, plate-through holes and screen print for placement of components.

Click here for specifications, instructions and examples of uses for this PCB.