Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer Replica Stompbox

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Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer Replica Stompbox


Sold Out! - contact us if you want one built

This is not a kit, it is a ready-to-rock Dan Armstrong; Orange Squeezer Replica Stompbox (to buy a kit click here). Trademarks used here belong to their owner and not to General Guitar Gadgets. The pedal is Hand Built by JD Sleep of General Guitar Gadgets. This is functionally the exact circuit of the original Dan Armstrong™ Orange Squeezer with the addition of a volume control. The pedal runs on a 9v battery and has a DC jack that is wired to work with a typical Boss/Ibanez power supply (negative tip). This stompbox has a reputation of not working well with cheap power supplies. It is recommended to use regulated power and you won't have any problems. The stompbox has the same foot-print size as a typical Boss pedal but it is oriented with "front-loading" jacks to be pedal-board-friendly. It is true-bypass and has another foot switch to choose between heavy distortion or the famous and original distorted-Octave. The pedal is new and it is rock solid. Hand-wired enclosure-mounted Switchcraft jacks insure that you will have no problems with the jacks during your lifetime, no matter how many times you plug/unplug cables into it. Units will vary slightly in looks as they are hand painted. This pedal includes a Two-Year original-owner unconditional guaranty (owner pays shipping costs). If you have any questions, let us know.