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This is the Tycho Octave Replica complete kit.  It is modernized as described below:

  • Negative-ground circuit and DC jack so it can be used on a power supply with most other pedals
  • PreGain Control so that a more distinct octave sound can be achieved.
  • Optional output cap and pull down resistors to help with switch pop and interaction with other pedals.
  • Option for a Fuzz/Octave Toggle switch.  See "Enclosure Type" options below.  There are options for a toggle switch and an option for footswitchable that includes the extra footswitch, LED and enclosures drilled to accommodate.

This is one Mean Machine, everything from nice Octave up sounds to nasty completely insane fuzz.  Click here for more general information about the kits. Any tradmarks mentioned here belong to their owner and not to General Guitar Gadgets

See a YouTube Video Demo

See a YouTube "Octavia Shootout" Video

TOCT Octave Sound Sample from Tobias Karlsson


Click here for complete instructions for this kit.

Here are the specification data sheets for the enclosure options for this kit.