Brown-Sound-In-A-Box 2 Overdrive

Brown-Sound-In-A-Box 2 Overdrive


Hand Built by JD Sleep of General Guitar Gadgets. This is one of the best “Cranked Marshall” pedals out there. Even as a kit it made the top 5 best Brown Sound stompboxes in the “Tone Report” reviews! It has a two-knob tone control to get sounds from Van Halen to ZZ Top tones. This unit compares favorably with similar stompboxes costing hundreds of dollars more and may be better tone than any of the others.

The stompbox has the same foot-print size as a typical Boss pedal but it is oriented with "front-loading" jacks to be pedal-board-friendly. The pedal is new and it is rock solid.  Hand-wired enclosure-mounted Switchcraft jacks insure that you will have no problems with the jacks during your lifetime, no matter how many times you plug/unplug cables into it. They are hand painted so some units may vary in looks slightly from the photos shown. This pedal includes a Two-Year original-owner unconditional guaranty (owner pays shipping costs). 

If you have any questions, let me know.