9 volt Regulated Power Adapter

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9 volt Regulated Power Adapter


9 volt Regulated Power Adapter with 2.1mm inside diameter coax plug. A nice regulated 200mA wall wart. This is a great simple way to get quiet, very clean power for your pedals. Regulated power means you get consistent voltage (regardless of load) and clean, quiet DC current to your effects. 2.1mm inside diameter plug, can be used for most stompboxes including Boss, Ibanez, EH nano, almost all "boutique pedals" and many others. 200mA is enough juice to power at least 10 or 15 typical stompboxes, however some echo units or others may lower that number a bit. This power supply fits the DC jacks in the kits that we sell. This power supply is dead quiet and works great even with problematic stompboxes like the Orange Squeezer™, Fuzz Face™ and Wah pedals.


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