MXR™ Phase 100™ Replica RTS PCB

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MXR™ Phase 100™ Replica RTS PCB

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 The ready-to-solder PCB for the MXR™ Phase 100™ Replica. The PCB dimensions are 8.5cm by 7.8cm.The corners are notched to fit in a 1590BB size enclosure, just like the originals were.

Please read before you buy!:  This is a very complex project.  It has a large number of components and the optical parts can be tricky.  Due to the shear complexity of this project, there will be a very high percentage of failed builds for beginner builders.  We do not offer any debugging support to novice or beginner builders for this PCB!  Please examine the PCB when you get it to ensure there is nothing wrong with it before you solder any components to it.  Problems with projects built on this PCB are rarely (basically never) a problem with the PCB itself, unless it has been severely overheated by your soldering iron.  This PCB has been tested extensively by three different experienced builders.  The PCB works great when it is built correctly. 

Click here for complete instructions for this PCB.